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June 14 2019


Free Talk Live Thursday June 13 2019 Hour 3


Free Talk Live Thursday June 13 2019 Hour 2


The Jones Act Spikes the Price of Hawaiian Rum

Bob Gunter's Koloa Rum is extremely expensive to ship to the mainland U.S., all thanks to the Jones Act.

Free Talk Live Thursday June 13 2019 Hour 1

June 13 2019


They're finally getting it: WHO recommends "more rational" drug laws, recognizes cannabis as legitimate medicine

(Natural News) Many parts of the United States are still stuck in the stone ages when it comes to their antiquated stance on cannabis (marijuana), and the World Health Organization (WHO) has a message for them all: stop prohibiting it already! Not only is the WHO recommending that legislators take a “more rational” approach to...

Jack Dorsey and Twitter support actual terrorist organizations by allowing them to remain online while deplatforming American journalists and media organizations

(Natural News) It’s becoming more and more obvious that the American Left is really no different from the Communist Left of the former Soviet Union or the Left-wing authoritarianism practiced by Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany. And nowhere is this more evident than the manner in which the ‘progressive-owned’ social media behemoths operate. While platforms...

The top 5 prepper-friendly states: Factors to consider before going off grid

(Natural News) More and more people are adopting the preparedness lifestyle, but not every place is suitable for this kind of living. Before you hit the road and go off-grid, learn which states are the most prepper-friendly. (h/t to ModernSurvivalBlog.com) Considerations for choosing a state for the prepper lifestyle When you live a preparedness lifestyle, you are...
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Twitter tries to "clarify" its content rules, but still won't provide any justification whatsoever for banning the Health Ranger from its platform

(Natural News) Once again, a social media tech giant is in hot water for arbitrarily banning or censoring a notable conservative and is scrambling to cover its tracks and justify its blatant political discrimination. As reported by Breitbart Tech on Friday, in a series of statements posted to its own platform, Twitter attempted to outline...

Could we reprogram antibiotic-resistant bacteria? Scientists discover simple mechanism that makes them resistant

(Natural News) Antibiotic resistance is reaching epic proportions, with the number of patients suffering from life-threatening conditions who aren’t responding to antibiotics climbing by a third in just six years. It’s a problem that authorities have long warned has very few viable solutions, but some new hope is now emerging in the battle against antibiotic...

Why is the soil so contaminated, and where do the contaminants come from?

(Natural News) Air and water pollution rightfully get a lot of attention. The danger is serious, and everyone can easily grasp the ramifications of toxins in something that all of us use directly every day. However, the issue of soil contamination carries equal weight, even if its effects aren’t as immediately obvious. Even if you...

Better than plastic: Study finds antimicrobial reusable coffee cups are safer

(Natural News) The rushed pace of modern life means more and more of us are grabbing our coffee in a to-go cup and taking it with us on our morning commute to work. With the government threatening to impose taxes on disposable cups, and many coffee chains offering substantial discounts to consumers who bring their...

The Alex Jones Show Thursday June 13 2019 Hour 4


The Alex Jones Show Thursday June 13 2019 Hour 3


The Alex Jones Show Thursday June 13 2019 Hour 2

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