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July 16 2017


Health Ranger warns: Bitcoin collapse now under way... has already plunged nearly 40% from its high

(Natural News) In case you having been paying attention to the world of crypto currency, Bitcoin has now collapsed almost 40% from its high, plunging from $3,000 to nearly $1,800 in anticipation of the “Bitcoin civil war” that’s rapidly approaching. From July 21st through the end of the year, a timeline of serious obstacles threatens...

Folklore - The Moon Man

Avivah Yamani hosts.

This story comes from Nias Island. It is about residents of the Moon and to how they relate to the local people's view of death.

There was a restless man called Lawaendröna who lived on Nias Island. He did not want to die; he wanted to live forever.


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University of Kentucky now indoctrinating high school students into GMO agriculture with "Ag Biotech Day"

(Natural News) As people become increasingly attuned to the dangers posed by GMOs, Big Ag is trying to stem its losses through PR campaigns. Now they’ve taken to preying on young people, whose impressionable minds they are hoping to mold into future proponents of their dangerous products. On July 22, the University of Kentucky College...

Chinese scientists create genetically engineered PET DOGS

(Natural News) Genetic engineering continues to reach disturbing heights in China, where researchers at the biotech firm Sino Gene in Beijing have found a way to change a dog’s nature through genetic modification and then reproduce the animal via cloning. They could, for example, give a dog bigger muscles and then make copies of it....

Elon Musk warns world population is "accelerating toward collapse"

(Natural News) Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter on Thursday to voice his concerns that the world may one day become overpopulated, causing societal collapse on a global scale. “The world’s population is accelerating towards collapse, but few seem to notice of care,” Musk tweeted, referencing an article published in New Scientist Magazine titled,...

Just another day in Venezuela where attempted public lynchings and bombings become the norm

(Natural News) Less than a week after Venezuela marked its 100th day of civil unrest, the country continues to spiral out of control as more violent anti-government acts have become a fixture in the collapsing nation. Just recently, a bomb explosion in the streets of Caracas killed three people during the day of the “roadblock against the dictatorship” —...

6 Ways to conserve water and money when watering your garden

(Natural News) You might think that there’s nothing in this world simpler than watering a garden plant. However, there actually are proper ways to water plants – ways that can make you conserve water and money while you’re at it. Here are some of them. Water your plants only when they need it — Even if...

Liberal Junk Science utterly worshipped by Time Magazine and National Geographic

(Natural News) In the 1970s, every single scientist at every single American university swore allegiance to the narrative that the Earth would soon be covered by ice sheets, and it was all based on “sound science,” so anyone who tried to refute it was either a complete idiot or a conspiracy theorist, or both. The...

10 affordable food and nutritional items you can stockpile before the big crisis hits

(Natural News) Second only to firearms and plenty of ammunition in a SHTF prepper scenario is daily nutrition: The ability to feed and sustain yourself for a long period of time, since you probably won’t have any idea how long the emergency will last and how soon “help” will arrive (if ever). So while you’ve...

Six ways Republican senators are BETRAYING Americans with latest healthcare “reform” bill

(Natural News) As much as the majority of Americans were disgusted with the way Democrats foisted Obamacare on the country, destroying the private insurance market, blowing up monthly premiums and exploding out-of-pocket costs for most, they are going to be even more disgusted by the fake Obamacare “repeal” measure currently being crafted largely in secret...

Free Talk Live Saturday July 15 2017 Hour 3

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Free Talk Live Saturday July 15 2017 Hour 2

Produced by www.gcnlive.com

Free Talk Live Saturday July 15 2017 Hour 1

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July 15 2017


World Crisis Radio Saturday July 15 2017 Hour 2

Produced by www.gcnlive.com

World Crisis Radio Saturday July 15 2017 Hour 1

Produced by www.gcnlive.com
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