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June 05 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic Causes 42% Drop In ER Visits Nationwide, CDC Says
Why Conservatives Should Be Leading the Civil Rights Movement
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The Galaxy's Brightest Explosions Go Nuclear With an Unexpected Trigger
Instagram Just Threw Users of Its Embedding API Under the Bus

Return of the Riot Ideology: The Left & Media Apologists

James Scurlock was a criminal. David Dorn was a cop. The two men never met, but the cause of their deaths - Scurlock in Omaha, Nebraska, and Dorn in St. Louis

Why The Killing of George Floyd Sparked an American Uprising

A black person is killed by a police officer in America at the rate of nearly one per day
COVID-19 Crippled Movie Theaters and That Could Force Streamers To Be More Transparent About Viewership Data
Tesla Model 3 Was California's Best Selling Car Through First Quarter

Jordan Maxwell: It’s a communist takeover of the United States of America

(INTELLIHUB) — One of the world’s top thinkers Jordan Maxwell appeared on the Intellihub Podcast on Thursday where he talked with Intellihub editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas about the current communist takeover of the United States of America.

“You cannot run a block of land if you do not take down the biggest guy on the block first and the big guy on the block is America,” the famous researcher into the occult told Ambellas. “That’s why you have to take America down and out in order for the rest of the world to fall… so when Trump comes and says ‘make America great again’ they don’t want that–they don’t want America to be great again they want this country destroyed–they want it wiped off the map.”

“They want the whole world to be under a world revolutionary movement–a world communist movement,” Maxwell pointed out also making it clear that the powers-that-be are using the same old method to create division between the haves and the have-nots.

The bottom line is that “we are being invaded by a foreign power,” Maxwell explained. “They are trying to destroy what we have built up in America.”

The visionary also predicts we will see an October surprise to the likes of which the world has never seen.

‘We have to worry because we are entering the constellation of Scorpio,’ which he explained signifies “war.”

This is a must-watch podcast! Please comment below in the comments section of this website and share this post far and wide! Information is power.

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Slack Partners With Amazon To Take On Microsoft Teams
Small ISP Cancels Data Caps Permanently After Reviewing Pandemic Usage

June 04 2020

GTA Online, Red Dead Online Will Temporarily Go Offline In Honor of George Floyd
Facebook To Block Ads From State-Controlled Media Entities In the US
Remembering the Life and Legacy of Sam Johnson
Musk Says 'Time To Break Up Amazon,' Escalating Feud With Bezos
Attorney General Reassures Black Community on Criminal Justice, Vows to Prosecute ‘Extremist Agitators’
Canceled by COVID-19, National Spelling Bee Needs R-e-v-a-m-p-i-n-g
In Hurricane Season and the COVID-19 Response, State and Local Self-Reliance Is Essential
Google Search a Target of US Antitrust Probes, Rival Says
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